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Why Copper?


Aside from gold, copper is the only metal with natural color. And no other metal commonly used in architecture can measure up to copper. Its durability and aesthetics are enhanced by the beautiful progression from bright, romantic red hues to a characteristic green patina.

When properly installed, a copper roof’s first cost is nearly its last. After six months, it comes almost into its full dark color. (if desired, special products can be used to develop the patina of copper in less time.) With minimal but proper maintenance, through years of service, a copper roof naturally becomes nearly impervious to environmental damage, and can have a life expectancy of 70 years or more. Unlike some metals used in building, a copper roof poses no electrical danger. Contrary to mistaken belief, a copper roof does not attract lightning, nut actually helps dissipate the intensity of the charge.

The creation of a copper roof is a task for the skilled coppersmith. Using specialized solder, irons, flux, snips, shears and other tools, graded sheets of copper are expertly fitted and seamed. Joints are made with a seam appropriate to the roofing style and application, and, if properly tolles, will last the life of the roof.

Many well-known buildings proudly wear copper roofs_Old South Meeting House in Boston, Kresge Auditorium at MIT and Christ Church in Philadelphia, which is the oldest known copper-roofed church in America.

Proper maintenance of a copper roof also requires skill of a coppersmith, and work on a copper roof by untrained workers can actually damage the structure and breach historical integrity.


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