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Relaxation Porch


This porch represents a masters class in both craft and restoration. Restoration work included complete site rebuild from the deck down, including new footings, framing, decking and site manufacture of the floral skirt panels. Custom matching columns were sourced from a wood turner in Northampton, MA., who, with the remnants of the existing rotted columns and instruction from us as to proportions for the square sections, was able to create replicas in woods typical of the time the porch was built. A new ceiling was installed in 5/8" fir beaded stock. The dentil work and other carving work at the gutter line and gable was all carefully preserved and restored, however the fascias and guttering were all replaced.

The roof was entirely replaced with site bent copper and the gutters copper lined. The cap to the conical part of the roof is the original that was buffed and repaired. The project required careful attention at disassembly of the existing work in order to document the historical approaches unique to this house. It also required research into modern materials that could be substituted, where possible, for improved durability, and where antique materials were no longer available.


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